WEEK 6: Lets Get Political



Two humans completed my survey! TWO, i posted on my social media a week ago and nada, zip. It seems although the world was a tad to busy and i wasn’t as pushy for those to complete it.

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I have previously signed many online petitions but the frustration of receiving hundreds of emails of different petitions to sign have caused me to stop doing so.



President Barak Obama is very active on Social Media especially twitter.

There are actually two twitter accounts for him. @POTUS and @BarackObama which is run by his Action Staff.

It’s on my bucket list to send a letter to Barak Obama and I have just learned that if I do want to I send it to:

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Or if you prefer email:


Considering his term is almost over I’d recommend tweeting him!

I never believed i was political on social media until we discussed in tutorial. It turns out i am slightly. I follow Kevin Rudd on twitter, we exchange humorous tweets. I’ve shared campaigns on Facebook about issues in the community and i face booked when i voted for the first time.

It’s taken me years to get a slight grip on politics and to be honest it frustrates me. Even trying to discuss it, i flare up like a bad knee. I don’t believe in endorsing anyone until i have as much information as possible (research done by myself)




“WikiLeaks is a giant library of the world’s most persecuted documents. We give asylum to these documents, we analyze them, we promote them and we obtain more.” – Julian Assange, (Sontheimer, ONLINE, and Hamburg, 2015)

I’ve gone through so many articles to academically explain what Anonymus is and no such luck. Basically Anonymus is a hacktivism group that expose/play organisations. There are thousands of members and nobody knows who they are. Even their website is pretty vague.

I don’t agree or disagree with their activity. I do believe that people have the right to know what is going on in the world but is it possible to go to far? To the point where peoples lives are at risk. It’s much easier to navigate WikiLeaks as theres a face to the name, it doesn’t feel like a secret. Anonymus however can be frustrating – a man or a woman hiding behind the Guy Fawkes mask and using a computer generated voice to disclose information. They want to play more than anything. I do believe that they have made an impact but it weirdly haunts me.


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Hey Readers,

I pose this to you, pretty please complete my short survey. Unfortunetly this week, i was unable to attend my tutorial.



In our lecture however we went over IS SOCIAL MEDIA DESTROYING OUR SOCIETY? I think it was one of my favourite lectures. I’m pretty open minded so i see the pros and cons all the time of Social Media. We watched a fascinating talk by an artist by the name LUKE DUBOIS. He took data and bits of information of a variety of dating websites in the USA to create extraordinary portraits of people and cities.


DuBois’s version of California map where San Francisco is replaced with Gay, Sacramento with Afternoon, Berkeley with Young and San Jose with Architecture (Raviv and GovLab, 2015)

Another Ted Talk we watched was Sherry Turkles: “Connected but alone” I couldn’t help but write down nearly everything she was saying. I think it resinated with me because it’s so easy to be connected to hundreds of people and still feel alone. .  14182613_10154483010846112_904574499_n

A virtual hug is different to a real hug


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This week we dove into the world of Cyber Punk, What on earth is Cyber Punk? Well Urban Dictionaries Williams defines CyberPunk as: “a literary genre that has nothing to do with the Matrix, being cool, or anime. it’s a subgenre of sci-fi in which there is strong sense of helplessness, misery, dystopic ideals and loss of morality and/or humanity. corporations control the lives of their workers and reside in microcosms dictated by the status quo” (1999) 

I’m quite fascinated by the concept of ‘Cyber Punk’ and decided to tackle ‘Burning Chrome’ by William Gibson. I think Gibson enjoys confusing the hell out of his readers and took me a couple goes to get the gist. However i still can’t even describe the plot, it’s something i’m going to try and learn to do in communications. #Goals

I decided to create a timeline of Hollywood Blockbuster movies that everyone knows but perhaps don’t know are apart of the cyber punk genre.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 11.21.17 PM

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WEEK 3: Census, Really?


Tuesday the 9th of August 2016 marked Census Night. What is census you might ask? What if my information is stolen? Why is it so important?

The Australian Census first stared in 1911 the aim was and is to collect the people’s key characteristics like age/ethnicity/job occupation and where they live at the time. It’s supposed to estimate the population of Australia and then that information is then used to plan and allocate government funds for the community. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2016)

People were and still are concerned about the privacy that goes along with completing the mandatory census.

In my opinion I believe people put more intimate details about their lives on the World Wide Web then the census receives.

Unfortunately when people tried to complete their census on the 9th of August – the website basically broke and a majority were not able to complete it. Australian Bureau of Statistics “There were three denial of service incidents during the day. A denial of service is an attempt to block people from accessing a website.” (2016)

It wasn’t until the website was back up and it wasn’t until late August that I completed my own census.




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WEEK 2: Building Skills.

This week we went through a brief history of Computing.  From the telegraph invented in the 1840s to the invention of the World Wide Web in 1989. We watched a video about how Alan Turning as his team cracked the Nazi Enigma code at Bletchley Park.

I reccomened checking out the movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch whom plays Alan turning.

The Imitation Game 





I think we all secretly dream that we can work at Google Headquarters; I know I do at least I do and so this week I decided to become a Google SUPER USER!! I now know that I can stop entering the full question e.g.: Where can I go for karaoke in Brisbane? Instead: Karaoke Brisbane

Also because I’m obsessed about travel I like to keep up with the currency but can sometimes get lost in the conversion. All you have to do is type into the Google search bar $5AUD in US and wham bam IT’S THERE! It’s $3.78 in case you were wondering.


I’m pretty good with my emails, i have the gmail app and while i do not forward my emails to one an other. All it takes is a swipe for me to change accounts. However here is a quick video on how to forward to another gmail account. Griffith University uses GMAIL as their email platform. click on the image below 🙂

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I’ve been using Word since year 2, however i have never made a chart. I spent most of my time trying to pick which Word Art i was going to use.  So i decided i would experiment and keep with the social media theme!


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I’m obsessed with Ted Talks, and i found this one funny and quite accurate when it comes to us humans and our phones. Check it out in one click!



I have been fascinated by the world of Social Media and it’s why I started my degree in Public Relations and Communications.


When you sign up to Social Media you really should be aware with what you’re agreeing to when you check the “I have read the terms and conditions” box that lets be honest we don’t read. What you post on the Internet, it’s there for the world to see. A majority of Social Media platforms are free, so how are they going to make their money? Advertisement. Here is how it works: https://www.facebook.com/about/ads

With Social Media you have access to talk to people around the globe but I still have hesitation. I grew up with the phrase ‘stranger danger’ and man did that stick.

I do however converse and network with people in the film/media industry.

The difference between communicating online and face-to-face is that when online, you’re in control for a longer period. Face-to-face you are required to respond immediately otherwise things tend to get a bit awkward.

I do enjoy both forms of these communications but i think i’m always going to side with online communication as i’m someone who suffers anxiety and can get a bit anxious around people. Even though i’m fabulous at communicating with them.


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About Me.

Social media concept  on a wooden background
Social media concept on a wooden background

My name is Mikaela and i’m currently studying a Bachelor of Public Relations and Communications. For the next 13 weeks i’m going to go over tutorial discussions and my thoughts on any topics that arise. I’ll try to create a fun summarised reading environment instead of falling asleep from information overload.

I love social media and the way you can talk to people from all over the world and learn about another culture and being able to form networks for future work. The downside to social media is the bullying and harassment that can happen and it is something I want to change.

I also like bananas.



Mikaela Grace.